This 90s #NoMeansNo tune (lyrics) prophetically predicts #SocNet. #Epiphany #ROFLMAO

Listen , listen carefully now: Here's the answer
It rhymes with axe
Why, it's those personal acts [of course]
Those personal acts
Those suicide pacts
Those carelessly stored razorblades in the hands of small children
It's my face smeared on the pavement
It's Everyday
Kevin Bowen Kevin Bowen
Drones Are Now Appearing on Afghan Rugs…
Chris Chris
My stepdad. Mad as a box of frogs. Retired Army captain defends his driveway with a cannon (From News Shopper)…

ZOMG! This redefines BADASSity

BADASS is doing the #InternetCountdown

Chris Chris
@Bill_Hicks_RIP @TheRealDod didn't even click the link as I'm such a badass. 😎
Jean Grae Jean Grae
When you buy "That's Not How You Do That Either" a unicorn gets a kitten. Every. Single. Unicorn. And it's $5
Bookmarked json_diff 1.3.3 : Python Package Index:

json_diff: never leave home without it. #TIL

TheCthulhu TheCthulhu
Dear spooks near my house. This is the laptop that held any sensitive data. Go get some lunch because it's gone now.
Mari0n Mari0n
The thing these nothing-to-hide people haven't understood yet is that they do not get to decide where 'something' starts :(

This Bill Hicks tribute from “Preacher” comics (download) is especially cool as wallpaper for default Kodi/XBMC skin. Exactly the right stuff gets “redacted” by the menu ;)

Daan Wynen Daan Wynen A Quick Note on Twister's Blocks
A Quick Note on Twister's Blocks 6 min read This is just a quick note about what the blockchain does and does not store.DisclaimerI didn't write this software, and I am mostly trying to make sense of it myself ...

Thanks. It’s about time Twister got explained by someone other than Miguel Freitas 😉

Profiles and twists are stored in a Distributed Hash Table (DHT) and the twists also in a torrent swarm.

I’d be thankful if you could do a post elaborating on this, fousing on explaining how twists are protected from censorship. This is Twister’s “killer feature”, so a short not-too-geeky post explaining how it works could be helpful.

Free Code Camp Free Code Camp
A Vision of Coding, Without Opening Your Eyes… #LearnToCode #code #javascript #blindness
xdmag xdmag
Linux users, protect yourselves from the GHOST vulnerability: RedHat/CentOS: yum install glibc Ubuntu/Debian: apt-get install libc6 &reboot.
Israeli cyber–analyst reveals: ISIS uses Bitcoin for fundraising

I’m sure they also use knives and forks. Bad guy always do

CP MacLochlainn CP MacLochlainn
How the BBC distorts Israel-Palestine, by its former Middle East correspondent…